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All In Gate Motors offer service agreements to our customers.
Some customers only require a service on their gates once a year, while others have them done quarterly up to once a month.
Just like your car, gate motors and gates need servicing to continue to run smoothly. And we find, if we look after your gates on a regular basis we help prevent any major issues from occurring.
To receive a quote on a regular service please contact us.


There are lots of moving parts in your automatic gate, these all need to be lubricated yearly for residential and more often for high use commercial gates. 

Also the electrical components need checking, we also check all cabling and safety devices. 

One little thing which can cause issues are bugs, slugs, ants etc. If they get into your control board they can short out your whole system. So when we service your gate we place ant powder and clean away any webs etc. 

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